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Q. 1 Read the following unseen passage carefully and answer the questions given below it:
Electricity is the most widely used energy source at present.  Electrical energy is being used in every field nowadays;  Such as houses, modern equipment, hospitals, computer technology, research centers, workshops and small and big industries etc.  In the modern era, it is difficult to imagine human life without electricity.  Various types of wires and cables are used to transport electrical energy from its generating stations to various desired locations.  Various types of electrical materials are used in electrical wires, cables, etc.  On the basis of conductivity and resistivity, these materials are divided into conductors, insulators and semiconductors.  In this chapter the general definition, uses and various electrical materials used in making wires and cables have been described.

Question 1. In which areas is electrical energy used?
Question 2. Into how many parts are these electrical materials divided on the basis of conductivity and resistivity?
Question 3. Write a summary of the above passage.
Question 4. Write the opposite of the word ” Various.

Q. 2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it:
English literacy also has a major role in ‘communication’.  Where this word refers to the process under which ideas or feelings are exchanged to transmit information to people, whereas ‘information technology’ is that advanced technology that helps in communication.  Through these it is possible to exchange information with the help of shared symbols.
Full knowledge of such activities comes under information technology literacy.  Knowledge of various aspects related to it helps in its proper use.  Understanding that adjustment is the need of the hour with the progressive development of information technology, if the trainee class keeps abreast with it, then no obstacle will ever arise in its success.

Question 1. What is the main role in ‘communication’?
Question 2. How does ‘Information Technology’ help in communication?
Question 3. How have the means of communication affected our lives?

कक्षा 10 मॉडल पेपर 2022 बोर्ड परीक्षा – Download

                              Section B

Q. 3. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it:
Sun is a renewable source of energy, which
It is not going to be destroyed even for thousands and millions of years.  We get the energy of the sun continuously in the form of light and heat.  For thousands of millions of years, the people of the earth have been doing the work of making salt from sea water, cooking and drying crops etc. by getting light and energy from the sun.  In the present era, solar energy is used to heat water, cook food, operate household electronic equipment (calculators, transistor receivers, mobile phones, etc.) and generate electricity through solar panels with a capacity of up to 2 kW in rural and mountainous areas.  It is being used for various purposes.
Questions : (i). On the basis of your reading of the above passage, makes notes on it. And Give a suitable titled to it.
(ii). Prepare a Summary of the Above Passage.

Q.4. You are Suresh residing at 15 Paradise colony in sagar. write a letter to your friend Jeenat to accompany you in a trip to Delhi.


Write an application to issue your Character Certificate.

Q. 5. Write essay about 200 words one of the following topics :
(i) Science and Man
(ii) Sports
(iii) Favorite Festival
(iv) Computer

Q. 6.  On the basis of the above picture, write a short story in about 75 words and also give a suitable title to it.

Model Papers 2022 Board Exams Class 10

                               Section -C

Q. 7. Fill in the blanks : choosing the correct options:
(i)This is the school ………….. I studied.
(a) in  (b) which (c) where
(ii) I saw …….. boys sitting in the garden.
(a) a    (b)’any     (c) some   (d) an
(iii) The office opens …………. 9:30.
(a) on (b) in (c) at
(iv) She ………….. home before 8:00p.m.
(a) Coming (b) came (c) are come
(v) ) He had finished the work before he …………… to bed.
(a) goes (b) going (c) gone  (d) Went

Q. 8. Do as directed :
(i) I am going to school.   (change into past simple)
(ii) She went to market. She brought fruits.    combine the sentences)
(iii) I have finished the exercise.(change into negative)
(iv) She won the first prize.change into passive)
(v) The teacher said, “Open your books”.
(change into indirect)
Ans. (i) I went to school.
(ii) She went to market and brought fruits.
(iii) I have not finished the exercise.
(iv) The first prize was won by her.
(v) The teacher ordered to open their books.


                                 Section D
Q. 9 Choose the correct answers :
(i) The poem ‘Fire and Ice’ is written by :
(a) Robert Frost (b) Leslie Norris

(ii) Lencho needed …………. pesos to survive before the next crop came:
(a) 100  (b) 250

(iii) Goutama Buddha did not see ……….. when he went out hunting:
(a) A sick man (b) An old man (c) A marriage procession

(iv) Wanda was made fun of because :
(a) She had a strange name (b) She could design dresses
(c) she was very poor. (d) She was very intelligent.

(v) “Did you finish your homework ?” shows that Amanda is :
(a) A small child (b) A school going girl.

Q-10. . Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions given below it:
He should be lurking in shadow
Sliding through long grass
Near the water-hole
Where plump deer pass
He should be snarling aroud houses,
At the jungles edge
Baring his white fangs, his claws,
Terrorising the village.

(i) Who is ‘he’ in the poem:
(a) the elephant
(b) the tiger

(ii) The word ‘plump’ is ………… :
(a) a verb (b) a noun
(c) an adjective

(iii) The tiger hides himself ………
(a) near the village :
(b) near the water-hole
(c) in the forest

(iv) The houses are:
(a) in the village (b) at the jungle’s age.

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Q. 11. Answer the following questions in shorts . –
(i) What are the roots doing.?
(ii) What does the fog come.?
(iii) Who is the 13 year old school girl.?
(iv) What type of dress did Wanda wear.?
(v) Why was Miss Mason’s voice very low.?
(vi) Why did the baker and his family never starve.?

Q. 12. Answer the following questions. –
(i) How does the moon appear now.?
(ii) How will the departure of the trees affect the house.?
(iii) What is the central idea of the poem ” The Ball Poem.?

Q. 13. Answer the following questions. –
(i) Why is Mrs. Pumphry worried about Tricky.?
(ii) What is the message of the poem ‘Trees.?
(iii) Write the character sketch of Anil.

Q. 14. Answer the following questions. –
(i) Bholi was a neglected child. Explain.
(ii) How and when did Hari Singh meet Anil?
(iii) Describe the life of Goutama Buddha?

Q. 15. Answer the following questions. –
(i) How did Matilda feel at the ball?
(ii) Why were the two national anthems sung?

Q. 16. Answer the following questions. –
(i) Why does Amanda’s mother ask her not to eat chocolates?
(ii) What do the Coorg’s like to recount?


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