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Class 11th English 23 March 2024 Paper Annual Exam MP

Class 11th English 23 March 2024 Paper Annual Exam

अंग्रेजी विषय को तैयार करने के लिए कुछ महत्वपूर्ण बिंदुओं को रखना होगा ध्यान में

  • ✔1. अंग्रेजी विषय को अगर आप अच्छी तरह से तैयार करना चाहते हैं, तो आपको उसके लिए कम से कम दो या तीन निबंध को अच्छे तरीके से याद कर लेना है। क्योंकि अंग्रेजी में यह चीजें आनी ही आनी होती हैं। इनके बिना अंग्रेजी का पेपर नहीं बनता है।
  • ✔2. अंग्रेजी के पेपर में लेटर को भी ठीक तरह से याद कर लेना से आपके अंक आने की संभावना बढ़ जाती है पेपर में लेटर आता ही आता है।
  • ✔3. प्रश्नों को लेकर के काफी बच्चे भयभीत हो जाते हैं कि हां मैंने कैसे याद करें तो मैं उनको बता दू कि अंग्रेजी के प्रश्न के उत्तर उसी प्रश्न में छुपे हुए होते हैं थोड़ा सा प्रयास करने से आप आसानी से प्रश्नों को सॉल्व कर पाएंगे।
  • ✔4. अब बात आती हैं, ऑब्जेक्टिव प्रश्नों की ऑब्जेक्टिव प्रश्न हमेशा ग्रामर से आते हैं। अगर आप अच्छे अंक प्राप्त करना चाहते हैं। तो उसके लिए आपको अंग्रेजी के ग्रामर को बहुत ही अच्छे तरीके से तैयार करना होगा। तभी आप अंग्रेजी के पेपर को पूरी तरह से कर पाएंगे।
Class 11th 
Subject English 
Hard part Section c 
Date Announced 
Soluction Objective question first 
Time Three hours 

Class 11th English 23 March 2024 Paper Annual Exam

अभ्यास प्रश्न पत्रों की तैयारी को निरंतर करने से अंग्रेजी का पेपर और भी आसान हो जाता है। अगर आप अंग्रेजी के प्रश्न पत्रों को ठीक तरीके से सॉल्व कर लेते हैं। तब आपके अंग्रेजी में पूरे अंक आने की संभावना बन जाती है। सभी विद्यार्थी अंग्रेजी विषय को ज्यादा गंभीरता से ना लें क्योंकि विद्यार्थी अंग्रेजी देख कर के घबरा जाता है। और अधिकांश चीजें गलत कर देता है । अंग्रेजी के पेपर को बहुत ही सहज भाव से पढ़ना है। और उसको बहुत ही सरल तरीके से हल करने का उपाय करना है।

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Paper 11th Class English

                                Section A                           
Q.1. read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
Soil is ……………………………………….,……………… Water logged.
Ans. Unseen passage number 12.

Q.2. read the given passage carefully and  the questions that follow each of them:
The great Wall…………………………………….Mongolia tribes.

                   Section B

Q.3. you are Sahiba Khan, sports secretary of your school write a notice for your school notice board about the annual sports meet to be held in the coming week.
You are because and sajna an electricals engineer who has recently return from the USA and looking for the side table job in the IT industry draft and advertisement in about the 50 words for the situations wanted column of a national news paper.

Q.4. this summer vacation you are planning to visit Shimla write a letter to a table agency and Shimla requesting them to bokaroom and a five star hotel give other details of your nari and facilities you require there send your name as Leela and Mohan.

Write a letter to you friend Rajesh informing him about your hostel life.

Q.5. write an article in about 200 words the role of youth and national development to be punished in your school magazine you are Mukesh Mukta.
Write a easy in about 200 words in. 
a.My favourite leader b.my hobby c.wonder of science.

                       Section C

Q.6. fill in the blanks ( any five)

1. Give me..,…….,…,.. time to think over .
2. an honest man speaks………… truth .
3. she has lofged…………….FIR .
4. ……,,,,…….you live long.
5.  he has been absent ………,…..Monday
6.  Lata sings ………,.than neeta.

Ans.i.some ii.the. iii.an. iv.may  v.since vi.better.

Q.7. do as directed (any five)

1. If you are honest ,you bell get respect. (Using bhai unless and place of if)
2. He has too proud to beg. (Complex sentence using by so……… that)
3. He requested me for help.( Change the sample sentence into complex sentence)
4. You always come late .(add questions tag)
5. Right brothers invented flying machines (take out the non finite verb)
6. As soon as he closed his eyes the telephone rang.( no Sonar then)

Ans.1. unless you are honest you were a note get respect
2.he is so proud that he cannot bag
3.he requested me that I should help him
4. do not you ?
5. flying non finite verb.

Class 11th English 23 March 2024 Paper Annual

            Section D

Q.8. read the following passage carefully and answer the questions below it:
I I jumped over……………………….at tentive.

Ans..passage from testbook passage number 9.

Q.9. read the following poem carefully and answer the questions given below:
driving from………………,……….. Smile and smile…….,,
Ans. Passage from text box poem number 10.
B. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions begin below:
The maharaja ………………………………….from my story.

Ans. Passage from textbook passage number 15.

Q.10. short answer type questions from prose (any five)

1. Why did the paidal the client the invitation.?
2. What did the notice that was as usual about the school that day.?
3. What could some of the reasons for the migration of people from village to cities?
4. What is a believe in some prime cultural about Benz photographer.?
5. From Jeddah paidal get the idea of the world being a letter app?
6. Why was the village that are mind to get over Hess fear to water.?

Q.11. short answer type questions from poetry ( any three)
1. what will counting upto 12 and keeping style help us achieve?
2. Why has the mother been compired to the late winter moon?
3. Why does one feel a sudden stand on counting 1 to 12 and keeping quite?
4. What does a thing of beauty before us?

Q.12. short answer type questions from supplementary readers ( any two)

1. Who was daughter sadaao ?where was his house?
2. What royal Enfield grow up to be?
3. Why does Mr lamp live his garden always open?

Q.13. long answer type questions from prose  (any two)

1. The medium you like best for an interview print radio or television?
2. How is Mukesh attitude towards his situation different from data Sahib?why?
3. Justify the title keeping quite?

Q.14. what is the sadness that the poet refers to in the poem?
What is the message that Stephen spender want to give throw the poem and alimentary school classroom in a slow?

Q.15.Draw a character sketch of the tiger King king ine your own words?
Why was Roger skunks mommy  angry Ben shi found him smiling like roses?

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