कक्षा 10 अंग्रेजी प्रीबोर्ड पेपर हल सहित

SECTION -A (READING) Q.1 Read the following passage and answer the questions given below.

Long ago in Mongolia there lived an emperor who feared growing old. One day, he saw an old man in the street. Upset at being reminded that someday, he too, would age, he ordered all the old people to leave his land. One day, a violent storm swept the kingdom. Nothing was safe from its fury. It roared into the palace and blew away the emperor’s belongings, including his priceless golden pitcher. When the storm ended, the emperor ordered that the pitcher be found and brought back to him. People went in search of the pitcher. They saw it in a lake nearby. But no matter who tried, no one could get a grip on the pitcher. All they got was a handful of water. Yet it could be plainly seen, glittering and just below the water’s surface!

i. The emperor was upset to see the old man because
(a) it reminded him that he would grow old too. (b) it reminded him that he had to colour his hair.
(c) it reminded him that he might fall ill.
(d) it reminded him of his grandfather.

ii. The people saw the golden pitcher
(a) in a pit nearby.
(b) inside the palace.
(c) in a lake nearby.
(d) in a river nearby.

iii. The emperor’s orders were that all the
(a) old men should live in his land.
(b) young men should stay in his land.

Ans – .1) (A it reminded that he would grow old too
2.) (C) in lake nearby
3.) (A) old man should leave in hand
4.) (A) A handful of air
5.) (D) getting old

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Q 2. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below.
come from whales, those enormous creatures of the sea, which are the largest of the animals remaining in the world. To protect the whales from the cold of the Arctic seas, nature has provided them with a thick covering of fat, called blubber. When the whale is killed, the blubber is stripped off and boiled down. It produces a great quantity of oil which can be made into food for human consumption. A few other creatures yield oil, but none so much as the whale. The livers of the cod and halibut, two kinds of fish, yield nourishing oil. Both cod liver oil and halibut oil are given to sick children and other invalids who need certain vitamins. Vegetable oil has been known from very old times. No household can get on without it, for it is used in cooking. Perfumes may be made from the oils of certain flowers. Soaps are made from vegetable and animal product and the oils of certain flowers.

कक्षा 10 हिंदी प्रीबोर्ड पेपर हल सहित

(i) The main source of animal oil is_
(a) whale
(b) sea weeds
(c) fish
(d) plant

(ii) Vegetable oil is mainly used for
(a) cooking
(b) making perfumes
(c) making soap
(d) making lubricants

(iii) The ……of fish yields nourishing oil.
(a) stomach
(b) eyes
(c) liver
(d) head

(iv) The thick protective covering of fat on a whale is called a a

Ans –
1.) Whale
2.) Cooking
3.) Liver
4.) Blubber
5.) Protection

Q.7 Fill in the blanks choosing the correct alternatives given in the brackets. (Any five)
i. He is……. hour late. (a/an/the)
ii. His uncle died cancer. (from/of/to)
iii. He wanted to an engineer(become/becomes/becoming)
iv. We wear mask in crowded places. (should/used / ought)
v. He is not going to office he is ill. (and/so/because)
vi. There is not water in the pool. (some/any/many)
Ans – Q. 7)

कक्षा 10 सामाजिक विज्ञान प्रीबोर्ड पेपर हल सहित

  1. On
  2. To
  3. Become
  4. Shall
  5. Because
  6. Some
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