Class 6 English वायरल पेपर प्रतिभा पर्व परीक्षा 2022 – Pratibha Parv

Q.1 Match the people with the work they do for you.
(i) goldsmith – (a) makes garments.
(ii) carpenter – (b) makes and mends shoes.
(iii) barber। – (c)makes ornaments of gold. (iv) cobbler – (d) makes table and chairs. (ii
(v) tailor। -। (e) cuts your hair.

Ans. (i) c, (ii) d, (iii) e, (iv) b, (v) a.

Q. 2 Write opposite of the following words:
(i) rich – .poor
(ii) bright – dark
(iii) happy – unhappy
(iv) ugly. – beautiful
(v) day. – night

कक्षा 6 सभी वायरल पेपर – प्रतिभा पर्व परीक्षा 2022

Q. 3 make new words by joining
other words to the given words:
(i) rain – raincoat, rainfall
(i) hand – handwriting, handful
(iii) bath – bathroom, bathtub

(i) win (i) sad (iii) weakness (iv) pass (V) friend

Q. 4 Write opposites of the following words:
(i) win. – lose
(ii) sad. – happy
(iii) weakness. – strongth
(iv) pass. – fail
(V) friends. – enemy

कक्षा 6 हिंदी वायरल पेपर प्रतिभा पर्व परीक्षा 2022 – Pratibha Parv

Q. 5 Choose correct words to fill in the blanks.

[lie, reality, power, copied, remember]
(i) Till……….. today Gandhiji is a living reality. for not remember.
(ii) ever having told a lie during his…………Indians.
(iii) He is an example………… to be copied.
(iv) He did school days.
(v) He taught us the power…………… of non- violence and non – cooperation.

Q. 6. (1) Use these words to complete the conversation.
Yes, i do No, I don’t
Mona: Do you like trees?
Shalu : Yes, I do.
Shalu : Do you like bananas ?
Mona: No, I don’t.

(2) Complete the following phrases.
(i) a bunch of bananas.
(ii ) a team of players. .
(iii ) a cluster of stars
(iv) a herd of cattle.
(v) an army of soldiers.
(vi ) a flock of ships.

(3) Fill up the blanks with the correct form of the words.

wide wider widest
deep deeper deepest
sweet sweeter sweetest.

कक्षा 6 गणित वायरल पेपर प्रतिभा पर्व परीक्षा 2022 – Pratibha Parv

Q. 7. (1) Mark true (T) or false (F) against statements.

(i) Birbal was a king
(ii) The elephant has wide ears.
(iii) Gandhiji misspelt ‘kettle’.
(iv) Denu was a minister.
(v) The fairies made the shoes.
Ans.(i) F, (i) T, (ii) T, (iv) F, (v)T.

(2) Answer the following questions:

  1. What happens when the sun goes away ?
  2. What is the cargo of the elephant ?
  3. Who gives the signal to start the race ?
  4. What was the test ?
  5. What makes you a winner ?

Q.8. Write a message to your friend that cannot come to his brithday party as you are going to your grandma’s home.

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