कक्षा 7 अंग्रेजी वायरल पेपर प्रतिभा पर्व Pariksha 2022

Q. 1. Answer these questions:
(1)What is the poem Lohri about?
(2)Where did the five friends go one day ?
(3) Why is the story called, “One Way Ticket”?
(4) who built the buildings at orchha
(5) What were Laxmi Bai’s last words

कक्षा 7 सामाजिक विज्ञान Pratibha Parv Pariksha 2022 वायरल पेपर प्रतिभा पर्व

Q. 2. (A) Read the following and tick true or false
(i) Manu was a cowardly girl.
(ii) The five friends had no money to return home.
(i) False, (ii) False.

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(B) Tick the correct option
(i) Down in the North/South Bonfires consume a lot of/ a little / wood. a
(ii) The Bundela Kings made Orchha/Sanchi their capital.
Ans. (i) South, a lot of, (ii) Orchha.

(C) Fill in the blank spaces
(i) Lohri celebrates the harvesting of new ……
(ii)Laxmi Bai took training in martial………………
Ans. (i) crops, (ii) arts.

  1. Word Power
    (A) Write the homophones for
    (i) hear
    (ii) write

(B) Write one word for each phrase given
(i) A monument built in memory of someone who cenotaph. died an somewhere else Words
(ii) written in memory of a person who has .
inscription on a tombstone epitaph

(C) Write the meanings of the following words:

(D) Classify the following into cenotaphs and tombs:
(i) The Taj Mahal, (ii) Amar Jyoti at Vijay Chowk Rajghat, (iii) Humayun Ka Makbara, (iv) Chhatries at Orcha, (v) Samadhi of Laxmi Bai.

Cenotaph (स्मारक) Tomb(मकबरा)
(i) Amar Jyoti at Vijay – (i) The Taj Mahal Chowk Rajghat
. (ii) Chhatries at Orchha. – (ii) Humayun ka Makbara – (iii) Samadhi of Laxmi Bai

  1. Grammar in Use
    (A) Fill in the blank spaces, using ‘between’ and ‘among’ between among
    ( i) The letter S comes between the letter R and T of the English alphabet.
    (ii) She works among the poor.

(B) Combine the sentences usingówhere’ and ‘when’: ‘where’ when I found the pen. I had kept it. Sona called me. I was reading.
(i) I found the pen – I had kept it.
where I had kept it.
(ii) Sona calied me – I was reading.
(i) I found the pen where i had kept it
(ii) sona called me when I was reading

(C) Encircle the correct adjectives for the following nouns :
Noun Adjective
labour. – laborious / labourer
courage. – courageous / encourage
mischief – mischievous / mischieviously

  1. Why did the horse trainer and his decide to sell the horse?
  2. Why did the merchants think that the old man had seen the camel?
  3. What happened when Deepak and Bhola were walking through the forest?
  4. What happened to the bus in the story one way ticket?
  5. Why were the students of class VII happy?
  6. Why will the pussy like the child?
  7. Why are the clouds prettier than boats and ships?
  8. How are the days in the south during January?
  9. Write an application to principal of your school to take you on a picnic?
    Write a letter to your friend telling him about your visit to kanha

कक्षा 7 गणित Pratibha Parv Pariksha 2022 पेपर हल सहित प्रतिभा पर्व

  1. Write ten lines on of one the following.
    (I)Maharani laxmi bai
    (ii)A visit to orchha
    (iii) . A market place
  2. Match the two columns
    (i) contented – (a) very sad and without hope
    (ii) depressed – (b)a large sum of money, property eta
    (iii) wealth. -. (d) showing or feeling happiness or satisfaction
    (iv) enquire -(c)a feeling of great pleasure
    (v) delight -. (e)to ask somebody for some
    Ans. 1. (d), 2. (a), 3.(b), 4. (e), 5. (c)

कक्षा 7 हिंदी Pratibha Parv Pariksha 2022 पेपर हल सहित प्रतिभा पर्व परीक्षा

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