Vini Raman has done his marriage in Jaipur Rajasthan India. Both got married on the basis of Indian culture.

Vini Raman's parents were from Tamil Nadu, then reached Australia.

Vini Raman's father's name is Venkata Raman and mother's name is Vijayalakshmi Raman.

Vini Raman also has a younger sister, Madhu Raman, who works as a nurse.

Vini Raman maintained their relationship for 3 years before getting married in the relationship.

Vini Raman's entire family belongs to Hinduism, and they all follow Hinduism.

Vini Raman's college from where she studied Pharmacist is Menton Girls Secondary College, Menton, Victoria, Australia.

Vini Raman helped Glenn Maxwell a lot, after that both of them got married.

Vini Raman and Glenn Maxwell were identified at a function, while Glenn Maxwell fell in love with Vini Raman.

The name of the wife of Australian all-rounder player Glenn Maxwell is Vini Raman.

Vini Ramans Brother

Vini Raman was born in Australia, where he studied and married there.

How Vini Raman and Glenn Maxwell's love started

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