➜America's first combination candy bar,

➜Goo Goo Cluster is considered the first combination candy bar,

➜Goo Goo Clusters originate? - Cluster! In 1912,

➜How big is a Goo Goo Cluster? - 22 Ounce.

➜Nashville known for? - The Goo Goo Shop Best Place In Nashville,

➜Are Goo Goo Clusters vegetarian? - 100 Percent Pure dairy-free and vegan.

➜Goo Goo Shop  is located in Nashville Tennessee,

➜Are Goo Goo Clusters made in Tennessee? - 20,000 Goo Goo Clusters an hour

➜Where to buy Goo Goo Clusters

➜Address: 116 3rd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201, United States

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