9. Norma Palafox - Mexican footballer , This Mexican sensation is

8. Sofia Huerta - As a professional player, she starred for domestic clubs in the United States as well as Australia.

7. Carla Humphrey  - These are two England internationals who also happen to be extremely gorgeous.

6.  Laure Boulleau - Laure Pascale Claire Boulleau is a French former footballer

5. Brittany Wilson - Summit League Goalkeeper of the Year (2016

4. Jackie Groenen - Jackie Noëlle Groenen is a Dutch footballer

3.  Alisha Lehmann - The Suiss Miss has over a million followers on Instagram

2. Poppy Pattinson - Poppy Pattinson is an English professional footballer who plays as a left-back for Everton in the FA WSL.

1. Monica Gonzalez - Mónica Christine González Canales is an American-born Mexican football commentator and former player