Which country will host World Environment Day 2022?

In 2022, Sweden is the host of world environment day

What is the theme for World Environment Day 2022?

Only One Earth World Environment Day 2022 Theme

Which country host first environment day?

The day was first observed in 1974 in the city of Spokane in the USA.

World Environment Day was declared by United Nations

2022 marks the 50th year of the World Environment Day

Today marks 50 years since World Environment Day began, and comes with Earth facing multiple crises. The slogan for 2022 is “Only One Earth”.

'Shoot with cameras not with guns'... Save wildlife ... Wish you all a happy world environment day 2022

The slogan for 2022 is “Only One Earth”. The focus is on living sustainably, and reminds us of people’s power to bring about positive change by making better choices individually.

World Environment Day 2022: The day is observed to raise awareness about the need to protect our environment and to create a platform for collection action to conserve nature